The unofficial dodgy knock-off of the 58th annual. In print.

Our whole careers we’ve wanted a spot in The D&AD Annual. That huge mysterious book, made by creatives for creatives, to celebrate and inspire creativity. 2020 was finally going to be our year, but just as we were getting our bookshelves ready, the announcement came.

The annual was going digital.

There are so many great reasons to make the annual available online. It connects creatives all over the world with an infinitely inspirational archive, that tucks neatly away in a tab. The digital annual is a good thing, there’s no doubting that.

But do the book and the website have to be mutually exclusive?

Physical traditions are often lost to technology, and sometimes, we don’t appreciate how nice they were until they’re already gone. This particular physical tradition is one that means a great deal to us. So, unwilling to part ways with this iconic book, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and make use of the new, freely accessible website.

This is the resulting knock-off. We cut corners, definitely took some artistic liberties and racked up some serious hours of copying and pasting, but it was well worth it to honour all of this brilliant work. This is our wonderfully dodgy tribute to the book we can’t bear to let go.

So here it is. We did it, kind of.
The Bootleg Annual 2020.


  • 550ish pages of outstanding work
  • Foreword by Sir John Hegarty
  • Literally tens of other pages of great content
  • Print edition number on spine

The Bootleg Annual 2020 goes on sale at 0900, Wednesday 31st March

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The Bootleg Annual 2020© is crowdfunded by the creative community and printed for personal use only. The Bootleg Annual 2020© is in no way officially affiliated with D&AD. An official D&AD annual would not be made from cardboard. The Bootleg Annual 2020© is an amateurish attempt to continue the tradition of printing the D&AD Annual, and is designed to be an artistic tribute to the organisation and the work it celebrates. It is not designed to criticise any work or organisations. Please do not sue The Bootleg Annual 2020© (we do not have any money). Any typos, double spaces or ‘mistakes’ in The Bootleg Annual 2020© are included at no additional charge. If your name is mispelt, The Bootleg Annual 2020© implores you to consider it an anecdote to share with your grandchildren. There will be spelling mistakes (there’s definitely one in this paragraph) and there will be misprints. The Bootleg Annual 2020© suggests readers make a game of trying to find them all. Most expenses were spared in the production of The Bootleg Annual 2020©, making every copy ‘special’. For all its faults, at least The Bootleg Annual 2020© is fully recyclable. Turns out recyclable materials are actually cheaper to use. Who knew? The Bootleg Annual 2020© has the same dimensions as previous annuals, give or take a few centimetres. The Bootleg Annual 2020© is however less robust than previous editions and although the page-thumbing enjoyment of readers is actively encouraged, the ‘chucking about’ of the book is not recommended. The Bootleg Annual 2020© accepts no liability for injuries incurred while throwing books and takes no responsibility for any butterfingered readers. The D&AD font is very nice. However, The Bootleg Annual 2020© could not locate the correct font and opted to stretch Helvetica, as everyone seems to be doing that these days. The typesetting (or lack thereof) seen in The Bootleg Annual 2020© may induce migraines in some designers, art directors or typographers.The Bootleg Annual 2020© is not designed to take business from D&AD, it is an artistic tribute to their organisation with a limited run. It is quite simply a physical memento of the most excellent award-winning work of the year. The Bootleg Annual 2020© will not make any profit. Any surplus funds raised will be donated to charity. No refunds. All sales final.